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Muhammad Fahd Al antaroh

Born in Indonesia

Lives & works in Istanbul, Turkey


As a visual storyteller, I have devoted my career to the art of conveying impactful narratives through diverse mediums. With a solid experience of 7 years in the field, my passion lies in creating videos that delve into subjects encompassing history, culture, and philosophy. I specialize in producing educational content, including short animated documentaries and corporate videos, which have received notable recognition and praise. Additionally, I run a YouTube channel named "Rihland," where I share engaging and informative videos about Islam.



2015 - 2017 Attended Mechanical                             Engineering program at                         Adnan Menderes                                     University.

2018 - 2022 Graphic Design at 

                     Fatih Sultan Mehmet



Grants & Awards 

2019 - Recipient of the 4th Award in the            ICYF Islamic Heritage Short                    Documentary category.



2017 - 2018 Videographer 

2022 - recent Videographer at



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